Experience your aquatic potential with a half-day of guided dry and pool sessions

Discover your natural connection with the sea: the mammalian dive reflex

Breathing and relaxation for breath-hold diving—and for life

Mindfulness techniques for sea and land

One-on-one coaching, with at least two elite freedivers & instructors

Possible anywhere with a pool

Executive and team-building events available, led by a former executive


Explore the underwater world with three days of expert coaching and guidance

Breathing, relaxation and mindfulness for freediving: as useful on land as in the sea

Understand the extraordinary human physiology that makes freediving possible: the “mammalian dive reflex”, shared with dolphin, whales and seals

Confined water practice to develop technique and confidence

Open water sessions at the location of your choice. Options include the Caribbean, Aegean, Red Sea, Mediterranean and Bahamas. Experience the underwater world naturally, unburdened by equipment and free to move like a dolphin

Earn your freediving certification

One-on-one coaching, with at least two elite freedivers & instructors for fun and safety


Immerse yourself for a week in the underwater world--tailored to your goals and interests

For certified freedivers looking to explore new locations at world-class dive sites in the Caribbean, Red Sea, Med and beyond: including Bonaire, Sharm el-Sheikh, and Santorini. Blue hole and liveaboard options available.

Also for certified freedivers looking to experience the challenge of training in a competition environment, at world-class freediving facilities with professional safety divers.

Explore your potential and new destinations in a professional and supervised setting, with one-on-one coaching, and multiple elite freedivers and instructors

Information and pricing available upon request.

Languages: English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Other languages on request.

+1 (415) 254 2040

Background photo © Daan Verhoeven