Past Vice President and Director: AIDA International (international governing body for competitive freediving)

Co-author: 2014 safety updates to AIDA competition rules

Co-author: 2015 version of AIDA competition rules

Co-author: “Freediving in Time of Novel Coronavirus”

Author: PADI "Mouth Fill Equalization & Advanced In-Water Supervision" Specialties

Co-author: PADI “"Scientific Freediver" Specialty

AIDA Managing Judge (Level B)

4x judge for AIDA world championships; judge for world records and major events


21x U.S. freediving record holder

5x U.S. team member at freediving world championships

1st U.S. diver to 90m & 300 feet

1st U.S. diver to 50/60/70m CNF

Only U.S. male to hold all depth records

GU Energy Labs Ambassador

Marathon du Mont Blanc / Chamonix Vertical KM / Ledro Skyrace

One of two U.S. divers to make the podium at Vertical Blue

Only U.S. diver to win Red Sea Triple Depth Competition

Only U.S. diver to freedive the Red Sea arch: down nearly 60m (200’) into Dahab’s blue hole, 30m (100’) through a passage to the open sea, and back to the surface on a single breath

Training & Education

Trained, taught and competed with many of the world’s top athletes and instructors

Author of course materials for multiple agencies, including “Fitness for Freediving" for AIDA4 Manual

Former Silicon Valley executive and business lawyer

PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer & OWSI (180927)

AIDA Master Instructor (1st AIDA instructor in U.S.)

Molchanovs Instructor Trainer

+1 (415) 254 2040

Background photo © Daan Verhoeven