Extremely professional, thorough, knowledgeable. I had the honor to assist Robert during a PADI Freediver Instructor Training Course. He has a way of teaching that makes you feel calm yet excited to learn more. The experience was very rewarding; I left the course feeling confident to continue on with my personal PADI journey. I feel privileged to call him a mentor.

Julie Anderson

Master Freediving Instructor

Owner, Underwater Connection

Columbus, Ohio

I enjoy diving with Rob.  He’s passionate about freediving, and solid with safety.

Herbert Nitsch

World Champion Freediver / Vienna, Austria

I‘ve always admired Rob’s expertise and professionalism. His teaching is well-structured and precise, conveying mastery while emphasizing safety.  He helped me achieve my goal of teaching freediving for marine science, and creating the first PADI Scientific Freediving specialty course.

Claire Paris

Freediving Instructor

U.S. record holder

Professor of Marine Physics  Miami, Florida

Robert helped me transition from freediving student to instructor. His combination of professionalism, knowledge, and accessibility prepared me to teach this amazing sport. His stellar reputation has earned me additional credibility and opportunities amongst my peers, for which I am grateful daily. I cannot recommend Robert highly enough.

David Cobiella

Freediving Instructor

Scuba Monkey Dive Center

Gainesville, Florida

Always  freedive with a trained buddy.

Never freedive alone.

+1 (415) 254 2040

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